Since you are here it means that you care about safety just like us!

Your apartment is full of precious things. It's obvious that you want to protect them.

The easiest way to get to the apartment through the entrance door.

It's through the door breaks almost 80% of burglars.

Maybe you have a sturdy door. And do you know what is their weakest point? It's a castle.

Opening even the most complicated latch will take a burglar just a few tens of seconds!

Therefore, it is worth to secure the door. Mount the Elephant Door ™ directly on the Alarm. How does it help prevent burglary? The Elephant Door ™ features the unique Smart Warning System technology.

In practice, this means that it already detects intrusion attempts or willingness to open the lock using force instead of the key. If this happens, the Elephant Door ™ will send notifications to your smartphone and trigger a very loud siren alert.

Most burglars try to get home when they hear that they are protected by an alarm.

In the case of Elephant Door ™ This will happen even before the door opens! And with your smartphone notification, you'll be able to immediately ask a friend's neighbor to check what's happening in your apartment.

Did you know that the highest number of burglaries occur between 10 and 15 hours? 

Burglars work the same hours as you. But there's a simple way to outwit them! The Elephant Door ™ Alarm will not let anyone open the door to your apartment undetected.

Also, even when it's turned on, you or your pets can move around the house safely, without worrying about being accidentally started. And its installation is so simple that it can safely handle your child.

The Elephant Door ™ mounts and prepares f
or action in 5 minutes.

No wires, repairs or installers! Check out how simple it is:

Why does the Elephant Door ™ have an edge over other solutions?


They record and document, but do not secure! The most important element of intrusion prevention is the alarm siren – research proves that it deters the overwhelming majority of burglars. Another issue is privacy – do you really want to have a camera in your home? Do you really want to register in the cloud What's happening behind your apartment door?

Alarm Systems

Provide a high level of security, but before you decide to make such an alarm you must be aware of a few things. The process of selection and assembly of components lasts for weeks, requires several visits to the installer and finishing corrections in the apartment. Prices range from 1.5 thousand. Up to 3 thousand. PLN, depending on the size of the dwelling and the selected security. The cost of the installer and renovation is also at least a few hundred zlotys. In addition, you pay a fixed monthly service charge and cover the costs of intervention. And as it turns 99% are false alarms. Most of these systems are based on motion sensors. This means that you cannot activate the alarm if you want to move around the house. If you decide to do so, imagine that at night you go out of bed after a glass of water and start a mermaid… And if you have a pet he too will easily lead to a false alarm when you're not at home.

Cheap DIY Alerts

Yes, you can set up the alarm system yourself for little money. Question, do you want to entrust the safety of your home to the cheapest and lowest quality devices? and are you sure that you have the right knowledge and you can install and configure your system to work properly in a critical situation?

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.. ideal for longer vacations or holiday trips,…

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.. A simple yet effective solution, and cheaper than a professional-type technology..
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What makes the Elephant Door ™ different?

5-minute Installation

No tools, no installers or no wall interference

Magnetic Mounting

Comfortable, practical and user-friendly

Mobile app

Turn on, off, and receive and send notifications

Smart Warning System

Detects attempts to open and open the door

Loud siren

110 + DB scares every burglar

No extra charge

One-time charge for the device and any subscription

Start living safe right now!